The Invincibles # 1 Power Up! | Published by Scholastic

Five Little Ducks Went Off To School | Published by Scholastic

More Classic Rhymes For Kiwi Kids | Published by David Bateman Books

My Old Man He Played Rugby | Published by Scholastic

Classic Rhymes For Kiwi Kids | Published by David Bateman Books 

The Kiwi Go Marching One By One | Published by Scholastic Books


Published by Penguin Books Australia 

   Danger's not his middle name – it's his surname.
   Meet the world's greatest prankster who has fooled everyone with fake spy
   website – even M16. Now he has access to every gadget he ever dreamed up.
   But it comes at a price. Because the world's not enough when it comes to
   playing practical jokes, and Johnny's appetite for destruction could soon see him
   unable to lie another day.
   Johnny Danger – he's double the 'O' and triple the 'NO'.

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Published by Scholastic Books NZ / Canada

This book is inspired by the true story of Freda, a Great Dane and the dog mascot of the Anzacs at Brocton Camp during World War One. It's a simple story about the
reality of war,hardship, friendship and bravery. Children's Choice Award Winner 2015.

Published by Faber & Faber Books UK        

Charlie Applejack's career as a superhero might be over before it's even begun.
His mother wants him to choose a safe job as a TV game show host and the
Super School has rejected him because his super powers aren't super enough.

However, when the evil villain and wannabe rock star General Pandemonium captures all of the world's superheroes, and threatens to vaporise every pair of pants on the planet, it's up to Charlie to save the day.

Will he be a superhero - or will he be a superzero?

Published by Penguin Books NZ

Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt USA

These are books I have written for kids who like to read exciting stories but are finding reading a bit of a challenge (including reading disabilities such as dyslexia). They are ideal learning tools if you want to improve your comprehension and have some fun while you're at it. All books come with an audio CD containing the story being read aloud for extra clarification. Suitable for ages 7 - 12 years. (13 & 14 might be suitable too - check with your teacher first.)

Here are some fun stories you may come across in your classroom. These fast-paced humorous books can be found in libraries, Amazon, Fishpond, eBay etc.